Monday, 17 April 2017

Holliewood Studio - MISCHIEF MESSES v9.1. Brand NEW Digital Kit

Well Well Well.... Can you believe it that Hollie from Holliewood Studios has brought us volume no 9.. YES VOLUME No.9.

I cant believe that its up to this figure and so soon.... I mean its not as if Hollie brings to us the crafting community a digital kit every week.. It's more like every month meaning almost a year has gone by, In between as we all know Hollie has brought us a Monthly collaboration as well as other kits that have a different feel about them.

The great thing about kits from Holliewood Studio's is that you are able to mix and match no matter what kit you are using.

Elements from say MM vol.2 has elements or a backing paper.. Overlay that's going to bring elements from vol. 6 and 9 up to life and make the project just snap with creativity.

There is also a NEW Font that has been designed for you to use ... Its not a True Type font but one that you can drag and drop letters to create words or phrases.

To have a look at this kit just click on the link below:

To have a look at the Papers that go with this kit:

To have a look at what Hollie has brought to the creative community:

>>>>>>>>>>CLICK ON THIS LINK<<<<<<<<<<

Have fun!!!

Project No.1

Project No.2

Project No.3

Project No.4

Project No.5

Project No.6

Project No.7

I said that l was not going to do another image using this digital kit... BUT! Something made me get onto the computer and to make another project.. I could say The Devil made me do it but l cant this kit has inspired me it also helps that the new layout kits l bought have also helped me to be creative. If you want to know more then head over to:


Just click on the title above and go over to the site.. ITS AMAZING if you want to take your design work to the next level or LEVELS!

Right back to this Blog Posting.. Here is No8 below. But this time lm going to WALK AWAY from this... Saying that l have a new toy coming tomorrow.. If your good l will tell you All about it.

Right then heading off the sewing machine is calling my name.

Project No.8

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